Simulink code generation for tcpclient

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Maximilian Perschl
Maximilian Perschl 2020년 9월 8일
답변: Benjamin Thompson 2022년 10월 10일
I am trying to setup a tcp communication with matlab functions inside a simulink model (since I have variable sized data incoming, I refrain from using the tcp send/recv blocks from the instrument control toolbox)
However, whenever I use the "tcpclient" function inside my functions, I can't build the simulink model.
Using matlab 2019a, I get the error "The tcpclient class does not support code generation" even though its documentation says otherwise.
Using matlab 2020a, I get the error "The current BuildConfig has not been set" an error for which I have not found a solution while searching through the forums.
If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 2022년 10월 10일
Looks like code generation support for tcpclient was added in R2019B. You may just have a configuration issue in your R2020A testing, if this is still a problem please create a new question and attach sample files.


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