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To find the index of array using part of data but retaining actual indexing pattern

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sam l
sam l 2020년 8월 31일
댓글: sam l 2020년 9월 1일
I am trying to create a index array for all points inside a convex hull shape , since the ponts array is too big - lot time is spent.
in = in_polyhedron(tri, xyz3D)
I am trying to search on the relavent index1 only, to save runtime.
in = in_polyhedron(tri, xyz3D(index1));
I cannot use a temperory array for xyz3D(index1) as I need to usethe xyz3D for doing interpolation and isovalue isosurface for 3D values. So the in - index array should get the same size as xyz3D array.
Could you tell me how to do in_polyhedron so that 'in' get back the origanl indexing - without having to search all points in xyz3D.
I tried using : xyz3D{index1}(in)= 1 , for points search results... but donot works

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