How to implement LSTM on Alter FPGA

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Sameer Ahmad Bhat
Sameer Ahmad Bhat . 2020년 8월 14일
답변: Aman Vyas . 2020년 8월 16일
  1. Is it possible to implement LSTM network on Altera DE2-115 board? What is the procedure to do so?
  2. Can I design the model in Simulink and then transfer the logic to the FPGA (altera or any FPGA that can be implemented for real time data acquisition)?
  3. Would you please recommend any FPGA board for real time acquistion. The board should be programable with MATLAB

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Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas 2020년 8월 16일
1)Yes, today most of the deep learning model can be implemented on FPGA provided you are able to generate synthesisable RTL code which can be dumped on FPGA.
2)Yes, simulink models support RTL code generation and verification by using products HDL coder and HDL verifier respectively. If you can generate your logic through system level modelling on simulink through HDL compatible blocks then easily they can be used to generate RTL synthesisable compatible to both altera FPGA from INTEL and xilinx FPGA Boards.
3)Most of the boards are programmable with matlab.
Hope it helps !


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