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How can i adjust the figure window size to display legend ?

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Mahesh Babu Dhanekula
Mahesh Babu Dhanekula 13 Aug 2020
답변: dpb 13 Aug 2020
I am creating a polar plot with polarplot() function. I want the legend of my plot to be displayed horizontally without interrupting my polarplot under it as shown in figure attachment. But only half portion of legend is only visible. (command i have used is attached below). I know that i am making a mistake in position argument value, but don't know how to rectify it.
legend({'\phi = 90^{o}','\phi = 90^{o}'},'Location','South','Orientation','Horizontal','Position',[0.442565103111165,-0.032891573596042,0.152994793777663,0.077339689653089]);

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dpb 13 Aug 2020
hLg=legend({'\phi = 90^{o}','\phi = 90^{o}'},'Location','SouthOutside','Orientation','Horizontal');

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