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How do I call to function from other function?

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Jimmy cho
Jimmy cho 9 Aug 2020
답변: KSSV 9 Aug 2020
Hi guys, Im building two function with I call one of them from another function, so how can I call the other function in matlab? just write its name where I want to implement it?
I mean lets assume Im building two functions one called func1, the other function called func2 .. I want to call in the func1 to the func2 so what should I write inside the implemenation of func1 .. just func2 and then matlab compiler will call to the other implementation of func2? thanks alot.

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KSSV 9 Aug 2020
You need to save both the function files in the same folder and yes call the other function in the required function. It is very simple. Check the below example.
function val = thesum(a,b)
val = a+b ;
Now call the above function inisde another function.
function val = theproduct(a,b)
c = thesum(a,b) ;
val = c*a*b ;

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