Question about extracting rows from a table based on string

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BN 2020년 8월 7일
편집: dpb 2020년 8월 9일
Hello everyone
I wanted to store all winter ("Win") values of the rrr24 column in my data set in a new array
So I tried to do it like:
C_Winter = temp(strcmp((temp.seasons,'Win'),rrr24));
But this error appears,
C_Winter = temp(strcmp((temp.seasons,'Win'),rrr24));
Error: Invalid expression. When calling a function or indexing a variable,
use parentheses. Otherwise, check for mismatched delimiters.
I tried some other ways but all of them leads to error. Do you know what should I do?
Thank you.
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dpb 2020년 8월 7일
편집: dpb 2020년 8월 9일
The above is all columns, you said you wanted the one variable...alternatively, remove the string from the 'seasons' variable...
temp.seasons=categorical(temp.seasons); % convert to categorical variable type
C_Winter=temp.rrr24(temp.seasons=='Win'); % pick winter seasons from rrr24 array
BN 2020년 8월 9일
Thank you

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