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Access Apache Hive using ODBC driver

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Harry Cho
Harry Cho 5 Aug 2020
댓글: Harry Cho 6 Aug 2020
Is it possible to send SQL query to Apache Hive through ODBC and get the result in Matlab workspace? In Database toolbox, all examples are RDBMS,not Hive in HDFS. Thank you for your help in advance.

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 6 Aug 2020
I've tested Hive access via JDBC Driver, but not ODBC Driver yet, but I think possibly, yes.
First, 64 bit ODBC Driver is requied.
Next, configure ODBC data source in Database Toolbox. And I think you can access to Hive
datasource = 'Hive'; % The name of datasource specified in configureODBCDataSource
username = 'XXX';
password = 'YYY';
conn = database(datasource, username, password);
selectquery = 'SELECT TOP 10 * FROM TABLENAME';
data = select(conn,selectquery);

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Harry Cho
Harry Cho 6 Aug 2020
Thank you! ODBC driver works.

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