Can anyone change this script without using CV toolbox?

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Michael Kogan
Michael Kogan . 2020년 8월 3일
댓글: Michael Kogan . 2020년 8월 10일
Hi All,
I'm trying to store mergerd image (imfuse) which include two lines (yellow and blue) - see script below.
Does anyone has an idea how to store this image without using "insertShape" function from CV toolbox?
Thank you,
for i=1:len
background = imread(FileList(i).name);
[name,~] = strsplit(FileList(i).name, '.');
original_gray = read(vid, str2num(char(name(1))));
original_gray = imrotate(original_gray,90);
original_gray = rgb2gray(original_gray);
pair = imfuse(original_gray, background, 'blend');
output1 = insertShape(pair,'Line',[g_lx_vec(i),g_ly_vec(i),nozzle_l(1),nozzle_l(2)],'Color', {'Yellow'},'LineWidth',5);
output2 = insertShape(output1,'Line',[g_rx_vec(i),g_ry_vec(i),nozzle_r(1),nozzle_r(2)],'Color', {'Blue'},'LineWidth',5);
imwrite(output2, fullfile(dest_folder, sprintf('%01d.jpg', i+9000)));

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta 2020년 8월 7일
Instead of using insertShape you can show the current image on a figure using imshow and then can use plot to draw the lines on same figure. Also, for saving the current figure with only image as output you can use imwrite and getframe. You may find code with changes mentioned useful.
pair = imfuse(original_gray, background, 'blend');
hold on
imwrite(getframe(gcf).cdata, fullfile(dest_folder, sprintf('%01d.jpg', i+9000)));

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