Is there maximum number of characters of the figure title latex interpreter string?

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FastCar 2020년 7월 11일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2020년 7월 13일
Dear all,
I would like to write a multiline title using the latex interpreter.
I understand there is a limit of 1200 characters (minus roughly 10 characters for each line breaking).
I tried the following code but the interpreter fails.
title({[sprintf('$\\psi$ = %.0f$^\\circ$, $\\theta$ = %.0f$^\\circ$', rotationAngle,rad2deg(thetaIncidence)) newline ...
sprintf('$n_{Exp}$=%.2E, $vc_{Exp}$=%.2E', beta(1), beta(2)) sprintf('$\\sigma_n$=%.2E, $\\sigma_v_c$=%.2E', errBeta(1), errBeta(2))]},'Interpreter','latex')
Any idea?
Many thanks in advance
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FastCar 2020년 7월 11일
I tried to break the title in 3 pieces and each one works fine. The problem is when I put together the pieces.

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2020년 7월 12일
Painful but manageable ;)
first = sprintf('$$\\psi = %.0f^{\\circ}$$', rotationAngle);
second = sprintf('$$\\theta = %.0f^{\\circ}$$', rad2deg(thetaIncidence));
third = sprintf('$$n_{Exp} = %.2E$$', beta(1) );
fourth = sprintf('$$vc_{Exp} = %.2E$$', beta(2));
fifth = sprintf('$$\\sigma_n = %.2E$$', errBeta(1));
sixth = sprintf('$$\\sigma_{v_{c}} = %.2E$$', errBeta(2));
title({first, second,third,fourth,fifth,sixth},'Interpreter','latex')
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 7월 13일
I have a difficult time finding documentation for TeX itself that is not LaTeX; even the documents I find that say they are talking about TeX specifically tend to be contaminated by LaTeX constructs.

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dpb 2020년 7월 11일
First, you must pass a char() string, not cellstr. You've got too many $ signs for pieces, but a start at what outlined above using
tstr=[sprintf('$\\psi = %.0f^\\circ$', rotationAngle)];
does work...just keep adding pieces one at a time.
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dpb 2020년 7월 12일
As said, just piece together pieces one at a time. If you break somewhere along the line, that's the portion with a syntax error to fix (or you're trying to do something the MATLAB LaTeX implementation doesn't support).

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