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Stacking many vector data into one resultant vector data but of the same length

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Arthur Batte
Arthur Batte 11 Jul 2020
댓글: Arthur Batte 11 Jul 2020
Hi is there anyone who could direct me on how i could stack my data without increasing the length of the output. i have tried to use the stack function but apparently, the length of the resultant is larger than the input. i have attached a file of 10 columns and each column has a length of 15493 records. i would wish to stack all the 10 into 1 with a length of 15493. Is there something that can be done?


madhan ravi
madhan ravi 11 Jul 2020
편집: madhan ravi 11 Jul 2020
nrecords = 10;
Data = cell(nrecords, 1);
for k = 1:nrecords
Data{k} = dlmread(sprintf('data%d.txt',k));
DATA = cat(3, Data{:}) % as 3D

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Arthur Batte
Arthur Batte 11 Jul 2020
thanks madhan, but i think u misunderstood me, what i wanted is to stack all the ten records into one record but of the same length.

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