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stepper motor movement in matlab

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keycamel villegas
keycamel villegas 16 Apr 2011
im currently dealing with matlab, and im a newbie in matlab..can anyone teach me to do this one?...thank you..

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fremond khoo
fremond khoo 19 Apr 2011
go to my profile and you might be looking for what you have been looking for^^
fremond khoo
fremond khoo 19 Apr 2011
all thanks to walter robertson^^..if u do succeed..remember to thanks our saviour as well..

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fremond khoo
fremond khoo 20 Apr 2011
let's discuss here keycamel..actually..i have seen your RS232 from internet..and u are using parallel can have a look here on matlab central..
type robot then search stepper motor control..u will find how to connect and control stepper motor using parallel port

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