How to remove Image background using freehand ROI.

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Keerthi  D
Keerthi D 2020년 6월 29일
댓글: Image Analyst 2020년 6월 30일
The complex leaf image background is first removed to get a clear leaf sample before further processing. So l using here background elimination mathod. Algorithm is, step1)Manually select ROI in I and store it in R. Step2)generate binary mask. Step3)set J to I. Step4)for each pixel (m,n)in I . Step5) if pixel(m,n) is in R. Step6) set J(m,n) to 1. Step7) else Step8)Set J(m,n) to 0. Step9)compute complement J'. Step10)set I to I+J'. Step11)Crop I to eliminate unwanted image parts. Please send me it's Matlab code using given image. My email ID :
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2020년 6월 30일
Click "load image from file" and select your image. Then choose HSV color space and move the sliders until you get what you want. Then click "Export to function" to get the code.

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