SSH problems with Raspberry Pi

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Christoph Herrmann
Christoph Herrmann 2020년 6월 26일
답변: Reeno Joseph 2020년 7월 9일
I try to bring a Simulink model to another device as the Raspberry Pi and I installed the
  • Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware
  • MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware
Deploying to a Raspberry Pi works great. Now I tried to deploy it to another device, which is not a Raspberry Pi. So i changed the IP adress, added the correct username and the password is empty (could this be the problem?). When I want to test the connection with the "Hardware Setup" I get the error "Establishing SSH connection with hardware failed".
What works:
  • putty connection (with the PUTTY.EXE the Simulink Add-On includes) to this device without Matlab / Simulink
  • copy Raspberrys .elf-file to this device and execute it there
The technical information for this device are:
  • the other device is a selfmade Yocto Linux
  • the other device uses for SSH connections Dropbear v2019.78
  • it's also an ARM-device
Does anyone have an idea why I can reach the device via SSH with putty but Simulink doesn't? I also searched for the Putty call in the Add-On files but I can't find the parameters which are used when calling Putty for connection. Is there anyone which has a hint for me? Thank you very much.
Best regards

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Reeno Joseph
Reeno Joseph 2020년 7월 9일
Hello Christoph,
The build & deploy workflow for Raspberry Pi cannot be used for other boards even though it is a Linux target.
You can use the elf provided the CPU arch is the same.
Reeno Joseph

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