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TAKING [X1 X2 …] and [Y1 Y2 …] and reshaping them into [Y1 X1 Y2 X2 …]

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mark palmer
mark palmer 19 Jun 2020
답변: the cyclist 19 Jun 2020
I would like to take 2 1D arrays [X1 X2 …] and [Y1 Y2 …] and reshape them into a [Y1 X1 Y2 X2 …] array for use as polygon vertices in insertShape.
For instance
x = [1 3 8];
y = [9 5 7];
xy = [9 1 5 3 7 8];
I already have figured out some long, stupid, time-consuming ways to do this, but I'm curious if there's an easy, efficient way to do this that somebody is doing.

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the cyclist
the cyclist 19 Jun 2020
xy = reshape([y;x],1,[]);

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