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crop the polygon from the 3D surface

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Hi all,
I have such an attached 3D surface and a polygon on it. (Code is provided below)
I aim to crop the portion which is only inside the polygon and delete everything outside the polygon.
I found out the function of "inpolygon", but it did not work well enough since it is for 2D.
Then I encountered with "inpolyhedron" which is written for 3D, but was not that successfull on using it.
Is there any other way that you would suggest?
Thank you
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Mammadbaghir Baghirzade
Hi Kelly,
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, there are 5 points on the surface and then I joined those points with lines.
So, both of the polygon and the surface are on the same plane.
I've provided the script in the main question part.
Thanks you

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darova 19 Jun 2020
What about this? I just cutted surface in 2d plane
[X1,Y1,Z1] = sph2cart(llambda1,pphi1,6.9);
in = inpolygon(X1,Y1,xl1,yl1);
hold on
plot3(xl1, yl1, zl1,'MarkerSize',14, 'Color','red')
axis vis3d
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Mammadbaghir Baghirzade
Hi Kelly,
Thanks for your explanations, I understand.
Do you know how can I connect those points (vertices of a polygon) with an arc instead of a line.
I mean , now I understand better what you meant by asking if the surface and the polygon are on the same plane or not.
Atually I want to crop the portion which looks like a polygon from the surface, so I need to have the curvature.
In this case, I assume there is not a curvature, do you agree with me?

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darova 20 Jun 2020
Here is another idea using triangulation (initmesh)
  • create polygon
  • use initmesh to triangulate it
  • calculate Z coordinate
  • rotate the object
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darova 22 Jun 2020

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