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GUI for Simulink as a standalone (load_system is excluded from packaging)

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I am having a GUI designed with App Designer running and displaying variables from a Simulink Model. I can also adjust variables in the GUI and update them into the simulation.
I use load_system('mysystem') and set_param('mysystem','Simulationcommand','Start') to start the system.
When I try to create a standalone now i get the Warnings
"load_system", "close_system, save_system" are excluded from packaging for the MATLAB Runtime environment according to the MATLAB Compiler license.
Is it not possible to run a simulation in a standalone application?

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 4 Jun 2020
편집: Kojiro Saito 4 Jun 2020
load_system, close_system and save_system are not supported by MATLAB Compiler as described in this list.
But from R2020a, with Simulink Compiler, you can compile Simulink simulations as a standalone application.
Below is an example.
sim, Simulink.SimulationInput and Simulink.SimulationOutput are supported by Simulink Compiler, so you can create a standalone application with these commands instead of load_system.

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