how to upload toolbox in matlab my matlab version R2020a

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Shehab Tarek
Shehab Tarek . 2020년 5월 30일
편집: Dinesh Yadav . 2020년 6월 2일
i want to upload the code in matlab community in communication field the code is not write in function form how can i do it

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Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav 2020년 6월 2일
편집: Dinesh Yadav 님. 2020년 6월 2일
You have to write the code in a way function is written. Think of what are the possible inputs you want the user can give, then process those inputs and correspondingly what output your function should return. Example would be I want to calculate sum of 2 numbers, therefore i want 2 inputs and there will be one output and corresponding logic will be inside the function.
function outputOne = functionName(inputOne,inputTwo) %function signature having 2 inputs one output
outputOne = inputOne + inputTwo; %logic
Follow the link to know more about how to write a function.


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