naming figure window in a for loop

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sani 2020년 5월 28일
댓글: sani 2020년 5월 28일
Hello everyone,
I want to create figures for my data by using a for loop. when I'm trying to edit the figure window's name I'm getting this error:
Error using figure
Numeric figure handles not supported with parameter-value pairs.
this is my code, what am I doing wrong?
for i= 1:length(ROI_L)
index = find((Ge_energy>=ROI_L(i)) & (Ge_energy<=ROI_H(i)));%| (Ge_energy>348) & (Ge_energy<353));
GER = Ge_energy(index);
SCINT = scint_energy(index);
mean_E = ROI_L(i)+(ROI_H(i)-ROI_L(i))/2;
figure('Name','single mode efficiency is %6.2f% \n',mean_E);
xlabel('\gamma Energy [keV]')
title('Ra-226 gamma 74 keV')

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2020년 5월 28일
figure('Name',sprintf('single mode efficiency is %6.2f% \n',mean_E))

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