Find words from audio file

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Alexandre Filion
Alexandre Filion . 2020년 5월 20일
답변: Gabriele Bunkheila . 2021년 12월 13일
I'm was wondering how can we find the words/letters/syllables from a audio file.
For example, how can I find the words: "Hello World" from the picture under.
Now what I got is that I talk for two seconds and I'm recording it, after I store this record in the variable (y) and then I plot it. This is the code and the result I got so far:
recObj = audiorecorder;
disp('Start speaking.')
recordblocking(recObj, 2);
disp('End of Recording.');
y = getaudiodata(recObj);
title('Hello World!')
Thank You!

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2020년 5월 20일
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Alexandre Filion
Alexandre Filion 2020년 5월 20일
Thank you! I'll try this

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila 2021년 12월 13일
Hi Alexandre, I have just come across your question. I appreciate this may no longer be timely but I am adding a couple pointers in case they can help others.
For isolating or segmenting speech in low-noise recordings, the function detectSpeech should work just fine. This will return start and stop times of all signal regions where speech is detected, but no text "transcription" of the actual speech content.
To estimate the transcription you will need a speech-to-text model based on machine learning. The following two links will be relevant:
  • speech2text, also availale from within Signal Labeler per this example. Note that the use of this function also requires a registration with a cloud-based speech-to-text service from either Google, Microsoft, or IBM. Refer to the documentation for details
  • The MATLAB implementation of the wav2vec 2.0 deep learning network, available from here on GitHub. This will only work for English but it is completely based on MATLAB
I hope this helps.


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