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Simulink Error: Code generation does not support object arrays - Matlab Error

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Thomas L'Estrange
Thomas L'Estrange 19 May 2020
답변: Krishna Adi 20 Jan 2021
Hi, I'm trying to code a pathguiding script in simulink however when adding a class block to a vector I get an error stating that object arrays aren't supported. Is there any way around this or an alternative way to add each new class object to the vector?
Code Utilized:
Where MAP is a simple custom class.
Error Given
Code generation does not support object arrays. Function 'AStarPathPlanner ' (#394.4571.4620), line 141, column 26: "[OpenList,MAP(NewCell.currentX,NewCell.currentY)]" Launch diagnostic report.


Krishna Adi
Krishna Adi 20 Jan 2021
The Code Generation Toolbox does not support arrays of objects.
See the link below about the features supported by the Code Generation Toolbox when using classes:
A possible workaround is to use a struct to store multiple objects based on its properties. The link below explains how to define an array of structures for code generation:




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