signal de-bounce in Simulink

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William Campbell
William Campbell 2020년 4월 8일
댓글: William Campbell 2020년 4월 10일
I am trying to avoid signal de-bounce in Simulink so I can use binary output for a switching circuit. I have not used Stateflow before but have built a simple (probably too simple !) Stateflow model and placed it between the signal and the output (see attached pdf). When the signal <0 I want the output to be 0 and when the input is >0 the output is 1. There is a lot of noise on the signal, so if I increase the duration for the input remaining at IN>=0 for 0.5 seconds then the accuracy of the pulse is poor and when I decrease the debounce time I get unstable switching. Is there a more robust method that I can use ? The general shape of the signal profile is consistent, but the noise and the exact position of the noise can be random.

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Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano 2020년 4월 9일
The implementation looks OK. Actually, it is the same as the one recommended in the documentation
In that example, see that the signal is more noisy. Also, please check the sample time of the chart and the incoming signal.
And also check that there is an additional implementation in that example that includes a fault detection state.
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William Campbell
William Campbell 2020년 4월 10일
Hello and thanks for your comments - I'll check through your proposals.

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