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Version of the license server for Matlab 2020a?

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Kelli Scott
Kelli Scott 6 Apr 2020
What version of the license server needs to be installed for Matlab 2020a?

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 7 Apr 2020
MATLAB R2020a uses FlexNet as a license manager.
If you have exisitng license manager, you can download lmgrd and mlm daemon files from here.
and replace existing two files for upgrading.
This URL only lists the latest license manager files.
Also, you can install a license manager from R2020a installer.
From Advanced Options, click "I want to install network license manager".

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Georgios Smaragdos
Georgios Smaragdos 1 May 2020
The network manager both from the installer and the link for offline replacement is not set up correctly. The LMGRD is on version but the Vendor deamon is on!
As a result it does not work for 2020a:

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