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Matlab subplots property inspector

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How can I modify the property of Super title (returned by suptitle()) of subplots from the property inspector? I can not select the Super title handle from the figure.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 7 Apr 2020
I guess you are using some external function suptitle. This function is not provided in MATLAB. From MATLAB R2018b and onward, you can use sgtitle function to create a title above subplots. The title is created as a textbox and made a child of figure objects. You can find it by looking at the Children of the figure handle.

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Bashir Mohammad Sabquat Bahar Talukder
Thanks. That works for me. But out of curiosity I want to know about suptitle() function. Seems like this one comes with MATLAB but not included in MATLAB documentation. I am using MATLAB 2019b
>> help suptitle
suptitle puts a title above all subplots.
suptitle('text') adds text to the top of the figure
above all subplots (a "super title"). Use this function
after all subplot commands.
suptitle is a helper function for yeastdemo.
This function is saved under MATLAB installation directory (in my case: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2019b\toolbox\bioinfo\biodemos\suptitle.m). Let me know your thought.
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 7 Apr 2020
That's quite a happy coincidence. This message shows that it is placed with the bioinformatics toolbox. I don't have that toolbox; therefore, it gave an error on my PC. It is not actually a part of MATLAB or any of its toolboxes. It was placed there as a part of some demo:, but it was never intended to be used as a stand-alone function. That is why it is not mentioned in the documentation.
Bashir Mohammad Sabquat Bahar Talukder
Thanks, got it!

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