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Pause until input from one of two buttons

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Brian Clyde
Brian Clyde 31 Mar 2020
댓글: Brian Clyde 1 Apr 2020
I am trying to create a simple game that runs after hitting the start button, but at various times will pause for the user to click one of the two buttons before continuing. I can't figure out how to get it to pause for that, though, as "pause" is just a timer and "uiwait" seems to only work with images closing. How would I go about doing this?
Please don't be too complicated. I'm new to MATLAB app designer
properties (Access = private)
Playerimage= ["start_1.png" , "start_2.png", "start_3.png","start_4.png","standing.png", "jump.png", "travel.png"];
Enemyimage= [];
Jump = 0;
Scenario = "attack"
PlayerHP = [];
EnemyHP = [];
function StartButtonPushed(app, event)
%intro stuff
%right here I want to have some code that pauses until I activate one of the two function callbacks
% for the two buttons I made (as seen in the functions below) so the user can choose
% whether or not the character jumps
%if statement for whether or not the player jumps
if app.Jump == 1;
im1.Position = [100 250 120 120]
im1.ImageSource = app.Playerimage(6)
elseif app.Jump == 0;
im1.Position = [100 200 120 120]
im1.ImageSource = app.Playerimage(5)
% Button pushed function: JumpButton
function JumpButtonPushed(app, event)
%makes the character either jump dodge or jump attack
app.Jump = 1;
% Button pushed function: GroundButton
function GroundButtonPushed(app, event)
%makes the character either stay on the ground or do a ground
app.Jump = 0;

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Rik 31 Mar 2020
You can also unpause uiwait with uiresume, not just by closing the figure.

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Brian Clyde
Brian Clyde 31 Mar 2020
I just used uiwait(). I don't know what to fully put in it because I learned about it today
Rik 31 Mar 2020
I haven't worked with AppDesigner, so I'm guessing a bit here, but based on this doc page the handle to your uifigure is probably app.UIFigure.
Brian Clyde
Brian Clyde 1 Apr 2020
that worked, thank you!
I just put that in and then uiresume(app.UIFigure) in the fuctions and it works. Thank you for your help!

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