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[Need Help] Cannot use DL checkpoint model to predict?

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Song Decn
Song Decn 27 Mar 2020
I tried to use models saved in path specified by 'CheckpointPath' parameter during training by Deep Learning Toolbox, I got following error:
Error using DAGNetwork/calculatePredict>predictSingle (line 112)
Input parameter has the wrong class.
Error in DAGNetwork/calculatePredict (line 13)
Y = predictSingle( ...
Error in DAGNetwork/predict (line 125)
Y = this.calculatePredict( ...
The detector after training can be used without problem.
Did I miss something? Are the checkpoint models of same class as final detector itself?

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Guillaume PERRIN
Guillaume PERRIN 29 Mar 2020
Hi, indeed checkpoints that are associated to some DAGNetwork architectures cannot be used to make predictions. As an example, those who contain batchNorm layers. See or
For a workaround, you can still retrain from your checkpoint during 1 epoch, with a minimalist training set, at a very low learning rate.

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