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compiling Matlab files not clear

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farzad 11 Mar 2020
댓글: farzad 12 Mar 2020
Hi All
I need to compile m files to standalone exe files : since I have multiple files containing functions that call each other in the Run, I would like to know if it's feasible.
I was following this link , but all the steps , specially the first step, has commented command !! meaning no commands !!
how do I proceed ?
will plotting and making histograms be possible in Exe compiled ?

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Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen 11 Mar 2020
편집: Jakob B. Nielsen 11 Mar 2020
Hi farzad,
It is definitely possible to compile an m file to a standalone exe file, for example in the form of a GUI / app. When you open the application compiler, you can add your main file; the compiler will then automatically "run through" the script and fine all calls to your own functions - which will be added in the "files required for your application to run" menu in the app compiler window. A popular way to keep track of functions, is to have your main.m file and in the same directory a folder named subfunctions, in which you place all "downstream" functions that you call. Then simply start your main script with
and you're flying!
And yes, you can make plots and histograms in a compiled exe. Do keep in mind though, that the exe does only what the script tells it to, so if you have a (super simple example) code that does this:
x=[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 5 2 5 2 8];
and you compile it to an app and run it, all you will get is a figure of that histogram, from that specific x. You need to make functions to get in 'new data' yourself, and if you want the possibility to both make histograms and regular plots, you also need to define that yourself :)
Happy scripting!
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farzad 12 Mar 2020
ok I compiled, the exe file Won't open !
my code does not include the
but I actually first need to know what it does, but also I need that my code grab the current folder it is copied into to run. But still can't grasp why it is not opening

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