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Hardware Software Co-design support for ZCU111

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Aunullah Qaiser
Aunullah Qaiser 2020년 2월 26일
답변: Kritika Bhardwaj 2021년 5월 20일
I wanted to carry out Hardware Software Co-Design Workflow for ZCU111 but sadly the HDL Coder Advisory doesn't support this board natively. Is there a way to add support for the ZCU111 board?
Is there any alternative(maybe better) working approach to program both the PL and PS of a SDR SoC through Simulink model for ZCU111 that I should follow?
I came accross this tutorial to 'Define Custom Board and Reference Design for Zynq Workflow' which is for Zybo Board. Getting this to work for ZCU111 is still not clear.
Thanks for your help in advance.


Kritika Bhardwaj
Kritika Bhardwaj 2021년 5월 20일
Hi Aunullah,
I understand that you want to carry out Hardware Software Co-design workflow for ZCU111 board. HDL Coder toolbox has come up with a new support package for Xilinx RFSoC devices in R2021a release. This new HDL Coder support package supports ZCU111 and ZCU216 boards. For more information on this new support package, visit
The SoC Blockset product also supports ZCU111 board. For more information, see

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