How to generate random matrix of 0 and 1 of distinct rows?

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Cantor Set
Cantor Set 2020년 2월 21일
답변: Spencer Chen 2020년 2월 21일
There is a function already in MATLAB GAtoolbox: crtbp.m that generates a random matrix of zeros and ones but when I performed the following loop I found that some instances there will be identical rows in the random matrix:
for i=1:200
u=unique(Ro, 'rows');
uu=size(u,1); rr=size(Ro,1);
if uu~=rr
>> uniquetest
x =
I need the rows to be distincit, is there a function in matlab to do so ?

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Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen 2020년 2월 21일
I don't know if there are any.
But it's easy to write one for your specific case where you only have 5 columns. That is quite mangeable, because you only will have 2^5 = 32 patterns to select from. Something like using randperm() then to pick 5 patterns from 32 would work for you.

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