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How can I limit a set of input data, 6 values, to a min and max point and as an integer

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Andre du Plessis
Andre du Plessis 17 Feb 2020
답변: KSSV 18 Feb 2020
I am writing a piece of code requesting the user to submit 6 integer numbers in the range [1,59]. I want to make it so that if the user submits an value outside the range or a non integer, the code breaks and displays an error message saying invalid numbers chosen.

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James Tursa
James Tursa 17 Feb 2020
Hint: Look at the min( ), max( ), and round( ) functions.
Andre du Plessis
Andre du Plessis 18 Feb 2020
prompt = {'1st','2nd','3rd','4th','5th','6th'};
dlgtitle = 'Choose 6 integers between 1-59';
user1 = inputdlg(prompt,dlgtitle,dims)';
user = round(str2double(user1))

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KSSV 18 Feb 2020
if min(user)<1 || max(user)>59
error("Check the input")

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