Rename all image files (e.g. jpg) in a folder according to the file modification date

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Joseba Moreno
Joseba Moreno 2020년 2월 12일
댓글: Joseba Moreno 2020년 2월 17일
Dear all,
I have been looking for a solution which helps me renaming all the JPG files I have on a folder according to their file modification date. However, any of the solutions I came with worked out for me... At the end, I would like that all the files in my folder have the following format: 20200212_1000, for instance...
Thank you very much in advance for your help.
Kind regards,

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Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R 2020년 2월 12일
편집: Bhaskar R 2020년 2월 12일
Get the all jpg files
d = dir([path, '\*.jpg']);
Apply loop for each image file of the directory and get the filename
filename = fullfile(d(loop_var).folder,d(loop_var).name);
Get the image modified date and rename using reguler expression
filedetails = imfinfo(filename);
file_time_stamp = regexprep(filedetails.FileModDate, {'[-:]',' '}, {'', '_'});
renamed_filename = [file_time_stamp, '.jpg'];
renamed_filename = fullfile(d(loop_var).folder, renamed_filename);
Then move(rename) the file with modified name as
movefile(filename, renamed_filename);

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