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Simulink error using Data Store Read/Write

I get the following error when I compile my model:
The block 'Util/Common/ReadToggled_LampTest' is reading from the data store 'Util/Common/Toggled_LampTest' before one or more blocks have written to this entire region of memory at time 0.0
I search the internet with different versions of the error that I got and I didn’t see anything on the error that I currently have. What do I need to do to fix this error without setting my configuration parameters from error to warning?

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Have you verified that 'Util/Common/ReadToggled_LampTest' is indeed not reading from 'Util/Common/Toggled_LampTest' before it's been written to? You can look at the block sorted order to see if 'Util/Common/ReadToggled_LampTest' is executing before the block that writes to 'Util/Common/Toggled_LampTest' does.

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Lucas: As the documentation that I linked to says "Simulink honors the block priorities that you specify unless they violate data dependencies" - so I think restructuring the model is the right way to go.
Thanks for pointing that out!

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