how to plot values that only fall within a range?

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isamh 2020년 1월 15일
댓글: isamh 2020년 1월 15일
have an excel file where i am plotting the values that are around 113 KPH. there are thousands of rows for that specifc column and i just wanna plot the Y values that fall between 111KPH and 114 KPH. I also am trying to add the average of those data points but that doesnt seem to work as well. I attached the plot which is incorrect and for some reason is between 0 and 1.
code is:
%%% 70 MPH KPH vs Time
filename = 'TeslaData_Coastdown Analysis_7_26_2019.xlsx';
X = xlsread(filename,'70 MPH','A9:A2000');%adjust according to column length
Y = xlsread(filename,'70 MPH','B9:B2000');%adjust according to column length
FVY = (Y >= 111 & Y <= 114)
KPH_70 = mean(FVY);
yyaxis left
yyaxis right

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Matt J
Matt J 2020년 1월 15일
편집: Matt J 2020년 1월 15일
KPH_70 = mean(Y(FVY));
yyaxis left
yyaxis right
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isamh 2020년 1월 15일
works great, Thanks so much!!

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