Programing C2000 F28069M using Matlab simulink

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Damsith Wasala
Damsith Wasala . 2020년 1월 10일
답변: Antonin . 2020년 1월 14일
I am using malab2019b simulink version to program the c2000 f28069m development kit
I do my project on 3 phase inverter and I need to synchronize the inverter with the grid and control the output voltage of the inverter. I did my simulation and it run correctly in Matlab. the switching frequency that I need is 20kH for controlling . But when I upload this to the board it can only work for 2.5kH only. If the switching frequency increased than 2.5kH it gives a error. (I change the sampling time according to the switching frequency.).
Other problem is I am using a ADC block to give the input(Voltage measurement) input signal is distorted more. I attach some pictures of my output and simulation.
in hear sample time is 0.0001s
Screenshot (89).png
This is my Input sine wave shows in Matlab Scope
Screenshot (90).png
I incresed sample time to 0.00001 and then this error occur
Screenshot (91).png
plz give me a solution for this two problems
Thank you.

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur 2020년 1월 13일
We have motor control example using ePWM block which is more efficient way to produce the 3phase output than GPIO DO. Here is the link to the page:
You may also find the video handy when exploring these models.
Venkatesh C

Antonin 2020년 1월 14일
Hi Damsith Wasala,
This is a logging issue. Your ADC is fine, External mode is not able to log at these rates.
Please take a look at the answer I provided on this page:
If you want to log at 20kHz, I suggest that you use the technic descirbed as 2-model approach.
I hope it helps,




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