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Is it possible to print hard copy of PDF file using MATLAB

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Ashwini Amin
Ashwini Amin 6 Jan 2020
답변: Rik 6 Jan 2020
Hello Team,
I have a PDF file, and I want to print it using matlab. I want to make a gui with a push button that automatically print the PDF file, is this possible?

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Rik 6 Jan 2020
If you can manage to read the pdf in Matlab and make it your current figure, you can actually use the print function. See this part of the doc. You'll need the name of your printer as reported by the findprinters function, which doesn't seem to have a doc (although it does have a help, so you can still type doc findprinters and get some information).
If you can't (or don't want to) read in into Matlab, the easiest way is to find a program that has a command line interface and use the system function to print the document.

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