Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

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Kyle Lazaroff
Kyle Lazaroff . 2019년 12월 11일
댓글: Kyle Lazaroff . 2019년 12월 11일
im not sure why i keep getting this error, if someone could show me how to fix it that would be great. The error is for l_2, i made l_1 and l_2 to see where the error was coming from.
r_d = 1.50e11; % distance from Earth to Sun
r_s = (1.39e9)/2; % radius of the sun
fw =(r_s/r_d)^2;
t_s = 5800; % temp in kelvin
lamda = 0:0.01:3;
h = 6.626e-34; % in J*s
k_b = 1.381e-23; % in J/K
c = 2.998e8; % in m/s
l_1 = (2*pi*h*c.^2)\lamda.^5;
l_2 = 1\exp((h*c)\(lamda*k_b*t_s))-1;
l_sun(lamda) = fw.*l_1.*l_2;

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ME 2019년 12월 11일
I just ran this segment of code and I get the same "Array indices must be positive integers or logical values." error but for the l_sun(lamda) line. The issue there is that in Matlab array indices may only take positive integer values. In your example you are trying to use lamda = 0, 0.1, 0.2... as indices and Matlab is not able to handle them. The line for l_2 runs absolutely fine for me.

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Bandar 2019년 12월 11일
Indices must be postivie integer. In your code, lambda is a vector that contains non-integers.
lamda = 0:0.01:3;
l_sun(lamda) = fw.*l_1.*l_2; % <-- here is the problem in l_sun(lamda)
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Kyle Lazaroff
Kyle Lazaroff 2019년 12월 11일
how do you convert the lamda vector into integers?

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