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Errors in app designer after installing 2019b

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Tom Shlomo
Tom Shlomo 1 Dec 2019
댓글: Ijab Zhan 9 Dec 2019
I have installed 2019b a few days ago (from 2018a), and now I have trouble working with the app designer.
For example, if open a new blank app, and simply drag and drop an axes component on the canves, I immediatly get the following error messege (in the command line):
Undefined function 'isvalid' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in
Error in
Error in
Error in
Error in matlab.ui.control.UIAxes
Error in appdesigner.internal.componentmodel.DesignTimeComponentFactory/createComponent (line 79)
component = feval(componentType,...
Error in appdesigner.internal.componentmodel.DesignTimeComponentFactory/createModel (line 17)
component = DesignTimeComponentFactory.createComponent(componentType, parentModel, peerNode);
Error in appdesservices.internal.interfaces.controller.DesignTimeParentingController/processClientCreatedPeerNode (line 193)
child = obj.Factory.createModel(obj.getModel(),peerNode);
Error in appdesservices.internal.interfaces.controller.DesignTimeParentingController/handlePeerNodeAdded (line 270)
Error in appdesservices.internal.interfaces.controller.DesignTimeParentingController>@(varargin)obj.handlePeerNodeAdded(varargin{:}) (line 137)
obj.ChildAddedListener = addlistener(obj.ProxyView.PeerNode,'childAdded', @obj.handlePeerNodeAdded);
Error in hgfeval (line 62)
Error in javaaddlistener>cbBridge (line 52)
hgfeval(response, java(o), e.JavaEvent)
Error in javaaddlistener>@(o,e)cbBridge(o,e,response) (line 47)
@(o,e) cbBridge(o,e,response));

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Ijab Zhan
Ijab Zhan 3 Dec 2019
Hi Tom,
We apologize for the inconvenience. This is a known issue, and you can find the cause, and workaround from the follwing link:

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Tom Shlomo
Tom Shlomo 8 Dec 2019
Thanks, it worked.
However it's pretty anoying that pause on error has to be disabled when working with the app designer. Is this bug expected to be fixed soon?
Ijab Zhan
Ijab Zhan 9 Dec 2019
Yes Tom, it will be fixed in Update 3 based on my knowledge.

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