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How to plot x(t) vs t in simulink

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Nagarjuna Arjun
Nagarjuna Arjun 29 Nov 2019
댓글: Nagarjuna Arjun 20 Dec 2019
How can i plot graph of X vs time. My transfer function is Y(s)/X(s). I am using PID Controller. In general response curve will be Y vs time. But i need to know the response of X with respect to time. How can i plot X vs t in simulink.

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Navya Seelam
Navya Seelam 3 Dec 2019
Assuming you have X(s), you can use Transfer Fcn block followed by scope to plot X vs t. Note that the input to Transfer Fcn block is Discrete Impulse if you are trying to plot impulse response.

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Nagarjuna Arjun
Nagarjuna Arjun 20 Dec 2019
My transfer function is G(s) = h(s)/q(s) where h is liquid heght in tank and q is inlet flow rate. while i design pid control for this i will get Height versus time through scope block. Now i need to know how flow rate is changing with respect to time when i give step input to the set point i.e Height of the liquid in the tank. can you tell me how can i obtain this?

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