How to save more than the last matrix in a for cycle

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Nicolò Bortone
Nicolò Bortone 2019년 11월 22일
답변: Nicolò Bortone 2019년 11월 25일
Good morning,
i am having some problem with this script:
for j=1:1:125001
for N=1:1:36
I wish i could have a Sigma_elem made of 125001x6. UnitstressEpsX is a 125001x6. The problem is that i have only a 6x6 matrix for Sigma_elem. How can i save all the matrix 6x6 that for cycle gives me instead of the last one only?
Thank you very much


Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 2019년 11월 22일
You need to index Sigma_elem.
Sigma_elem(:,:,i,N)=EPSM(N,1:6).*e_mat/0.6; % Or something similar

Nicolò Bortone
Nicolò Bortone 2019년 11월 25일
Thank you very much. This was really helpful!

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