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Extract CAN signals from Message list as array

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Corentin OGER
Corentin OGER 19 Nov 2019
I have series of CAN message objects containing a variety of messages, each carrying several signals (in the 100,000s of elements each) from previous recordings. I also have the corresponding database so I can convert to physical values (volts, rpm...)
Here is what I have managed so far:
Attach the database to my Raw messages:
attachDatabase(AllMessages, db); %AllMessages = large log of mixed CAN messages, db = my database
Extract a single message ID into a new object:
Extract_BMS = extractAll(AllMessages,'BMS_RN1'); %Returns a CAN message object with only 'BMS_RN1' messages
Access all signals from a single message as physical values: (in this example, message number 4321)
ans =
struct with fields:
HVIsolationImpedance: 1000000
BMS_InterlockHVconnector_v2: 2
BMS_HVNetworkVoltage_v2: 374.5000
HVBatInstantCurrent_v2: 3.6250
HVPowerConnection: 1
BMS_InterlockServicePlug_v2: 2
Acces a single signal physical value:
MyVoltage = Extract_BMS(1,4321).Signals.BMS_HVNetworkVoltage_v2 %Extract voltage from frame 4321
MyVoltage =
However, I can't find an elegant way of returning a large array of physical values, something like this:
>> VoltageArray = Extract_BMS(1,1:999).Signals.BMS_HVNetworkVoltage_v2
Expected one output from a curly brace or dot indexing expression, but there were 999 results.
I could make a loop for each signal in each message and fill arrays element by element, but there has to be a better way. It might just be me not being very experienced with structures.

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