from excel file import variables into more mat file.

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faruk özdemir
faruk özdemir 2019년 11월 18일
답변: Nicolas B. 2019년 11월 18일
Hello everyone,
i try to import data on matlab, i need to import separete data from excel file to mat file using matlab. I have a excel data tables for instance these 10 or 12 row datas should belong to one mat file .how can i extract and save my datas into mat files
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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar 2019년 11월 18일
what is the size of excel file? and how many rows and columns you want to save in one mat file?

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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. 2019년 11월 18일
I would recommend you to read the whole table in excel in once with, for example readmatrix and then, to save it into the mat-files programmatically.
I don't see anyway to do it automatically without writing a script.

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