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Possible bug in visdiff - need confirmation and a workaround

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Gehan Selim
Gehan Selim 14 Nov 2019
Commented: Gehan Selim 15 Nov 2019
InMatlab 2019a, I ran visdiff(ver1,ver2) for the 2 attached models, named ver1.slx and ver2.slx.
The output shows that Constant72 in ver1 has undergone a change to become Constant9 in ver2.
This result seems weird to me since Constant9 in ver2 has an equivalent Constant9 in ver1 . Both constants appear in the same exact position of the 2 models.
Can you confirm if this is a bug ? If yes, is there a workaround for it ?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 14 Nov 2019
I think it is a bug, or at least a defect. I've seen similar issues. Inserting an Inport block in the middle of a subsystem block causes lots of other Inport blocks deemed changed. visdiff still needs significant improvement.
Report these example models to Tech Support and let them confirm whether it is a bug or not.

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Gehan Selim
Gehan Selim 15 Nov 2019
Thanks a lot ! I just did !

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