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Obtaining mean and std from cfit object

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Neil Sheridan
Neil Sheridan 2019년 11월 8일
답변: Karan Nandankar 2020년 12월 30일
I have a large number of cfit smoothing spline objects. The object normalises the input data before applying the coefficients. How can I extract the normalisation constants (0.4671 and 0.3831 in the example).
cfit0 =
Smoothing spline:
cfit0(x) = piecewise polynomial computed from p
where x is normalized by mean 0.4671 and std 0.3831
p = coefficient structure


Karan Nandankar
Karan Nandankar 2020년 12월 30일
Hi Neil,
You can refer to this MATLAB Answer for your query.


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