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simscape multibody installation error

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JIYUN KIM 2019년 11월 7일
답변: Naveen Shanmuganantham 2020년 12월 17일
I've already done as I was told to install the simscape multiody link.
However, when I keep installing simscape multibody, it appears that there was an unexpected error occurred And it can't be installed.
How do i install it?
Everything else has been completely installed. Simscape is also installed.
and i'm using r2019b.
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Rana Ahad Dilshad
Rana Ahad Dilshad 2019년 12월 24일
Kindly Please solve this issue or give us a solution. I need Simscape Multibody addon and its not working. Each time when put that on installation after few seconds it shows unexpected error or contact technical team or something like that.

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Gianluigi Trezza
Gianluigi Trezza 2019년 11월 18일

Rana Ahad Dilshad
Rana Ahad Dilshad 2019년 12월 24일
Thanks Gianluigi Trezza the soltion worked. To solve this problem we just need to download the initial setup of Matlab from this link( Then we need to reinstall the package we need to that same folder where we installed matlab. Like C Programfiles or something. Then intall that checked packages.After finishing just reopen your matlab and check. It work for me

Naveen Shanmuganantham
Naveen Shanmuganantham 2020년 12월 17일
This is a known issue and it is resolved in 2020a release.Upgrading your MATLAB version to 2020a may resolve the issue.

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