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Sirius8 2019년 11월 4일
답변: Bob Thompson 2019년 11월 4일
Hi everyone. I am having an issue while processing some acceleration data. I retrieve in my file 8 collumns as you can see in picture a, which are:
collumn 1 - datetime,
collumns 2,3,4 - acceleration x,y,z from one sensor,
collumns 5,6,7 - acceleration x,y,z from a second sensor and finally
collumn 8 - values from a rain sensor (0 or 1, in this case only 0).
The problem is that as you can see in picture b, from a random time point and then, values from y2 go to the last collumn. Any ideas how to fix this in order to finally plot each colllumn seperate?
Thanks in advance!


Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 2019년 11월 4일
You can just index your matrix to reorder it, assuming all of the columns are the same type of data (i.e. all of column 6 is z2, and all of column 7 is rain).
data = [data(:,1:5),data(:,8),data(:,6:7)];

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