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Inverse laplace - symbolic tool box

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Jochen Baier
Jochen Baier 2019년 10월 30일
댓글: Jochen Baier 2019년 10월 31일
I'm trying to perform inverse laplace on the transfer function but could not be able to get an answer.
I have let it run for more than 12 hours and still no results.
Can you please help here. Please find the attached file.
There was a mistake in earlier attached file.

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Dimitris Kalogiros
Dimitris Kalogiros 2019년 10월 30일
편집: Dimitris Kalogiros 2019년 10월 30일
I had a look at your file.
The definition of the laplace transform A contains a syntax error. It has an extra "=" without meaning. So, first of all you must correct it.
A second issue is that, for such a complicated function of "s", it is extremelly difficult an inverse laplace transorm to be found. I suggest to give values at your parameters before the calling of the ilaplace() function.
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Jochen Baier
Jochen Baier 2019년 10월 31일
Thanks for the explanation. I'll reduce the order and see.

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