Extract an elevation profile along at specific azimuth using improfiler

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I want to be able to extract an elevation profile that is oriented 050 degrees from north throught the entire matrix. However, I need to do this for hundreds of profiles and therefore I don't want to pick the points interactively using improfiler. I want to just tell improfiler to extract a profile along a certain angle from north (in this case 050 degrees). I can extract a profile using the improfile function but as far as I can tell I have to manually enter the x-y coordinates as vectors in order to define the line as 050 from north as I have done in the example below. How can I tell improfiler to extract the elevation data at 050 degress from north where the profile cuts through the entire matirx rather than just a stated vetora and without using the interactive function?
%Plot Profile
I = DEM.Z; % =153 X 223 single matrix that contains the elevation values I wish to profile
x = [195 218]; % Vector with x and y coordinates. These x and y values define a line that trends 50 degrees from north.
% However, I want to be able to extract the data to make an elevation profile through the whole matirx DEM.Z
% at 050 degress from north rather than using the vectors for x and y
y = [153 125];
n = sqrt((abs(x(1,1)-(x(1,2)))^2)+( abs(y(1,1)-(y(1,2)))^2)); %calcualte distance between x and y
[cx,cy,c] = improfile(I,x,y,n);
Eventaully, I want to be able to extract a profile every one meter oriented 050 degress from north along a set line between two points . However, I haven't even thought about how to do this loop yet and at this point all I want to know is how to get the profile at 050 through the entire matrix.
Any advice is greatly approciated! Thanks

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darova 2019년 10월 29일
Here is simple scheme that should help
You can find size of an image
[m,n,k] = size(I);
x1 = n/2; % half of width
y1 = 0; % start Y
dx = 100; % width of a line
x2 = x1 + dx; % X2
y2 = y1 + dx*tand(50); % end Y
Use for loop to create a few lines

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