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Interpolation or curve fit data suggestions

I have a series of excel data (X,Y) more than 1000 rows. They are forces and deformation. Do you know empirically what is the best curve fitting method?
Finally, I want to merge data from other files and correlate them with the X,Y excel files and fill the gaps where necessary or interpolate.
E.g. if we know that for X = 5 and Y= 3 point of a curve is equal to 5 Newton of Force, then how many Newtons of Force are equal to X = 5 and Y = 2.5 (data coming from the new data set).
Any ideas please? Better coming with a piece of code

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Nicolas B. 님의 답변 28 Oct 2019

I would recommand you to take a look at:
1D data:
2D data:
I hope it helps you.

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I was thinking whether can be done using a statistical model such as defining a boundary condition with the original shape of the object and estimate its pressure gradient.
oh. For that, I don't have a solution. Maybe someone else could help you

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