What is the appropriate Neuarl Network for classifying AFM force curves?

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My data consists of force curves taken in a grid over various materials, of which I know the location. I would like to classify the force curves as belonging to a material. I'd assume I'd need to use something like patternnet for that. However the spatial distribution of the curves also matters, i.e. 2 curves next to each other are likely from the same material. What network could I use for this?
Thank you!
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Michael Keeling
Michael Keeling 2019년 10월 28일
Please find an example curve below (normalised by zscore).
Regarding the materials: there is an island of material A inside material B. Since the force curves are taken in a grid pattern they basically form an image where each pixel is a curve. Therefore a force curve obtained in the middle of the island of Material A would only be surrounded by force curves that are also of Material A.
Basically I want to perform image segmentation, but my images have pixels that are actually force curves.
Example Curve.jpg

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