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Statistical Modeling and Boundary Conditions References

Stelios Fanourakis 님이 질문을 제출함. 25 Oct 2019
I want to develop a statistical model to estimate pressure on an object. I am new on this and just started reading literature. I am thinking to develop a boundary condition for the normal (original, undeformed) object and then apply an interpolation and a curve fitting solution for all conditions between maximum and minimum states of deformation. I have data for various (random) loads and deformations of the object from testing set. I just need to define its maximum force (load) and its maximum deformation and the same done for minimum states. Those are going to be my limits and all states in between will be interpolated to give me the loads and deformations. The zero state will be the boundary condition assigned to its original undeformed state. The undefromed state will be defined by a mesh generation or contour defined from edges.
The material is a nonlinear viscoelastic one.
I need suggestions, references anything.
Thanks for your time, reading this.

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