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Embedded coder single task tunable time step

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Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 16 Oct 2019
댓글: Ben Rancici 26 Mar 2020
In my embedded generated code, one "magic number" still remains: the time step (used in Discrete Integrators or Filters code for instance).
I would like to make this time step tunable by using a dictionary entry with "Define" Storage Class, so I could make it consistant with the actual time step of my target.
Whatever the storage class I choose, in the end the generated code still has a numerical value instead of a tunable variable.
Is this normal? Is there a workaround?

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Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 18 Oct 2019
편집: Nick Sarnie 18 Oct 2019
Hi Ben,
It sounds like you are trying to make the 'Sample time' parameter on blocks be tunable in the generated code.
This is not possible, because changing the sample time effects other parts of the model, such as sorted block order, data transfers, sample time propagation, and more. It's not as simple as changing a variable value in the geneated code.
If you want to have a model that is sample-time independent, consider using model reference:
However, this will use the sample time of the Model Reference block in the upper model.
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Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 26 Mar 2020
Thank you. Model referencing was the solution.

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